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German Sweets


We are pleased to offer a selection of sweets from Germany.

We are proud of making all our products by ourselves from the scratch in our store.





Our Superstar:

The Schaumkuss is our specialty.                                                                        

We are the only manufacturer in Florida for this GERMAN delicious treat.         


It is a traditional german treat and we make it out of a imported german wafer          on the bottom, inside is a fluffy eggwhite foam with different natural flavors               like vanilla, cappucino and much more, covered with different finest Belgian             chocolate like semi sweet, milk sweet or white chocolate.                                     On the top we either add coconut, brittle, sprinkles and much more.


Price: $1.90 each / $10.00 for 6 pcs


Classic Schaumkuss

-- plain w/ semi sweet chocolate

This is the way they are sold in Germany. The classic.                                          You wouldn't want to pass this one up!


-- w/ semi sweet chocolate and coconut flakes topping

A variation of our specialty. These are covered in chocolate and                              sprinkled with coconut flakes for extra deliciousness.

Schaumkuss Cherry

Price: $2.00 each

Schaumkuss Face


-- w/ semi sweet chocolate, eyes and mouth

A variation for our little customers. Sometimes it is a little bit Boss-Eyed.             Take care of him. :-)

Price: $2.00 each



Chocolate Covered Wafers

-- w/ semi sweet chocolate and choco sprinkles topping

It is made out of a imported german wafer on the bottom and                                 covered with different finest Belgian chocolate like semi sweet, milk sweet or         white chocolate.

Wrapped in a plastic bag, these magical treats are perfect for any occasion.           They come with a variety of toppings such as coconut flakes, choco sprinkles,        rainbow sprinkles or brittles.

Price: $3.80 for 9 pcs / $ 4.90 for 12 pcs

Linzer Cookies

-- Strawberry

Our best selling product.

The Linzer Cookie is a kind of a butter cookie, filled with different jams.                  

Price: $1.40 pc / 14.40 for a dozen

Butter Cookies

Another German traditional treat. Our classic butter cookie is just amazing.            You have to try it.

Price: $3.90 bag 4.23 oz



Apple Strudel

-- large

German Apple Strudel made out of apples, almonds, raisins, eggs, butter and         much more.

This is a recipe which my grandma created at the end of the war.

It is amazingly good.

Price: $3.90 pc / $31 large / $55 x-large


-- small round cheesecake

Cheesecake with a very tasteful vanilla cream.                                                     

This is a mouthwatering cake. You have to try this!

Price: $4.20 pc / $49 large

Black Forest Cake

A traditional German Cake.                                                                                

Price: $4.80 pc / $59 large


-- Peachcake-to-Go

A delicious little cake to go. The bottom is a tasty dough                                       under a layer of fruit pieces and topped with German cream.                                  Enjoy it on the go or at home as refreshing treat.

Price: $3.50 pc


Our delicious Donauwelle is a traditional sheet cake popular.                         It's a pound cake with sour cherriesbuttercreamcocoa and chocolate.        Bright and dark batter are mixed into each other to create swirl effect.

Price: $4.20 pc / $59 large

Coconut Cake

Another delicious cake. Enjoy it along with your coffee or just by itself.                   You will love it.

Price: $2.90 pc / $39 large

Nutella Cake

Who doesn´t like Nutella?                                                                                   Can you imagine indulging in a delicious cake made with Nutella? It is awesome.

Price: $2.90 pc / $35 large

Crumb Cake (Streuselkuchen)

-- piece

Another famous German tradition. Try it together with your favorite coffee.               You will love it.

Price: $2.90 pc / $39 large

Sponge Cake

Our Guglhupf is very traditional German treat. You have to try it.                                  

Price: $2.50 pc / $29 large

Plum Cake

Plum Cake

It`s a traditional German Cake.                                                           

Price: $3.50 (out of Season)



Amaretto Balls

-- w/ milk-almond chocolate and brittle

We also offer it in white brittle almond chocolate and choco sprinkle topping.         

Price: $1.20 pc

Rum Balls

-- w/ choco sprinkles or coconut flakes

Great chocolate with a great rum.                                                                       

Price: $1.20 pc

Wedding Balls

-- w/ gold edible or white pearls

It`s Belgian chocolate covered Marzipan with gold edible or white pearls topping.     It`s for special moments.

Price: $1.90 pc


We are making the best homemade marzipan you can imagine.                             It is homemade out of almonds, sugar and some secret incredients.                       It consits of more than 45% almonds.                                                                  The German designation is Edelmarzipan (literally translated edel = noble).

We do marzipan on order.                                                                                   You can choose color, flavor, different toppings and more ingredients.

Price: $1.00 pc

Marzipan Potatoes

A classic directly from Germany. This candy has been around for centuries and      it`s a kind that everyone should be able to say they`ve tried.

It`s pure marzipan topped in cocoa.


Price: $0.80 pc

Walnut Hills

Those are 3 whole walnuts caramelized and stacked on each other.                      

The bottom is our highest quality Belgian chocolate.

A very special and luxury delicacy.

Price: $1.80 pc

Bee Sting Cake

It is bread like with a sugary-almond crunchy crust and a vanilla pudding filling!

Price: $3.90 pc / $45 large

Buttermilk Cake

It`s a kind of crumb cake with cherrys and so smoothie and delicious!                 

Price: $3.50 pc / $45 large


Price: $

Poppy Seed Cake

Price: $2.90 pc / $45 large


Price: $3.10

Chocolate Crunch

Price: $4.20 bag

chocolate Figure

Price: $1.80 each