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German Sweets

About Us

The story behind German Sweets will make you feel warm at heart and take you back in time.

            I, Nicole Betz, the store´s owner, have wanted to start this business for a long time. As a child, I always watched my grandmother “Marianne” in good old Germany make these sweets in her kitchen. I knew there was something spectacular about them and wanted to share them with the world.

            My beloved grandmother had an enormous collection of delicious old German recipes.                                     I I enjoyed making these handmade sweets together with her and made sure to save all the secrets.Everything is still being made out of natural ingredients and from scratch. Only the highest quality ingredients are being used to ensure the sweets are still as delicious as they have been in the old days back in Germany.

            My family and I have been travelling to Sarasota, FL for the last 25 years, dreaming of making and                      offering those delicious treats to the people in Southwest Florida. At the end of 2014, I decided alongside my              husband Oliver and our children Ashley and Justin to make the big step of moving from Germany.

            We are pleased to offer a big variety of cakes, meringues (baisers), rumballs, chocolate covered waffles           and much more. The highlight is our Schaumkuss, which is very famous in Germany.                                                     It consists of a small round waffle that is topped with a fluffy eggwhite covered in chocolate.                                           We provide a wide variety of different flavors.

Come on in and visit us, you can even watch the Schaumkuss production while shopping in our store!